Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So this week has been a roller coaster, and unfortunately, I have zero time to tell you all about it. So.... Highlights!

I got to see Lele again! She stopped by our apartment, cause we live in the same complex... :) It was awesome to see her again. :D I also see her sometimes at the church building, but it's always fun. 

We tracted into a super solid potential named Carly! She accepted a BoM, and we will hopefully be stopping by this week to see her again. 

We stopped by a less-actives house, then when we got inside, realized that she wasn't the less-active we were looking for, and were able to have a lesson with her anyways! Tender mercy that one. It was a little awkward praying at the end, cause I didn't know her name... 

We were able to go and do some work in another Sister's area while her companion was at MLC, which is always a blast. I love the mini-exchanges we have all the time. :) 

I will be singing at MLC in June! They called and asked if I would be willing to, and I accepted! I'm excited! :)

I don't have much time left! I hope you all have an amazing week! 

1) Roomies! 
2) This is how Sister Phinney walks around the house every morning, and it's my favorite thing ever. :) 



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