Sunday, September 18, 2016

This week was really good. :) 

I'm out of time, so I'll just share the highlights. :D 

We taught Kevin! I know I talk about him every week, but he's one person that I think about all the time, just wondering about how I can help him. He's still doing good, we keep trying to set a baptismal date, but he'll do it when he is ready. On the flip side, the Elders found an investigator a few weeks ago named Hooman, who is a body builder/ model from Iran. He's super golden, and will be getting baptized in two weeks. It's so exciting!! Hooman is so so awesome. :D 

Tuesday we found the backwoods of Irvine when we went to service. We went to something called second harvest. It was super weird, super gross service, involving expired food. But we were helping ( I think), which is a plus.... But service is great, regardless of what you get to do. 

Wednesday was my birthday!!!! It was such a phenomenal day! Not a teenager anymore, but when we went to English class to teach, everyone kept commenting on how young I was... :) You win some, you lose some. :D A member who had the same birthday as me took us to Olive Garden for lunch, which was crazy fun. :) Then we went and learned how to do Family History, from another member, then we went tracting. :) We had a wonderful family feed us dinner, and we had cupcakes to celebrate. Then we taught Kevin! Sister Dinning decorated the whole house, and I felt so loved. It was such a good day. :D 

Thursday we had MLC, then did other missionary things, but at the end of the night, at 8:10 ish, we were about to go contacting, (cause it's prime pros time), but we felt like we needed to go to see a member of our ward. We went by, and she told us how much she needed us to be there that night. She told us about her life, and her struggles, about her journey into the church, and her life before and after. It was so amazing, and such a testimony building experience for me. 

Friday was pretty standard, so not much to say there. 

Saturday I was on exchanges! We had a District Blitz in Northwood, and we got so much done! I and my temporary companion handed out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon, which was cool. :) No one super interested, but lots of seeds planted. It was really good. We went and did service with our zone, and painted some ladies house. I only got a little paint in my hair, which was a blessing. We contacted some referrals, but again, seeds, but no real interest. :D It was a super busy, but wonderful day. I love talking to people in the street. :D We also got transfer calls! Sister Dinning and I will be continuing as companions and STLs in Northwood. :) I'm so grateful that I get to keep working with her. :) 

Sunday we had church and the temple music devotional! Sister Dinning sang, and did a beautiful job, I will be singing on October 2nd, which should be exciting. 

That's about it! The thought for this week comes from President Ucthdorf. :) 

"I like to think that from heaven’s point of view, there are no borders. God sees each of us as His children no matter where we live. He is our “homing impulse.” We feel drawn to Him because He is our Father, and heaven is our home.

He sees us not only as a mortal being on a small planet who lives for a brief season—He sees us as His children. He sees us as the being we are capable and designed to become."

I love you all! Remember that you are a beloved child of Heavenly Father. He loves us all more than we can comprehend! 

Thank you so much for your love and support! Have a phenomenal week! 

Love, Sister Wood :)

Pictures from my birthday :) 



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