Wednesday, August 31, 2016

So many miracles this week! I love being a missionary. :)

We had dinner this week with the bishop and his wife. I feel so blessed to be in a ward where there are so many missionary minded people. Everyone is always asking and seeing if they can help us. Our ward missionaries always want to come to our lessons, and I am just so grateful for all of them! Bishop Dougherty is so good. :) We had a lesson with Kevin, and it went super well. The member that we brought with us was so inspired, and was able to really help Kevin understand some key principles of the gospel. :) 

Tuesday we had Sister District meeting! I love getting together with the Sisters in our zone and learning about the gospel together. :) We also had to go to Mission Viejo for a little bit, but on the bright side, I will be singing in the Temple Music Devotional on October 2nd. :) Which is kind of cool, because a year ago, that was my first Sunday in the mission, and we went to the temple music night. Memories. :) We taught the Book of Mormon class, which is always fun. We read Alma 9 & 10. 

Wednesday was zone conference! WE GOT TWO NEW COUNSELORS!!!! They introduced us to our new Mission Presidency!!! President Clark (President, not new), President Galland (Just barely got released as Bishop in Laguna Beach), and President Hobbins (from Rancho Santa Margarita)!!! We are so blessed. :) So many cool trainings and lessons were learned. I am so grateful for these wonderful men. We taught Kevin again! Unfortunately, he looked at some anti material. :( So we will keep working with him. 

Thursday was so busy! We helped some Sisters move apartments, then went to a lesson with a LA, which was super good! We took her visiting teacher with us ( who has never been able to meet her), and introduced them. It was kind of a tender mercy. We had dinner with an amazing woman, her daughter, and her daughter's non-member boyfriend. It was super cool. The message we shared really seemed to affect him. It was really neat to see. :) We also had ice cream with a candle in it for Sister Dinning's Birthday. :) Our stake is trying to help missionaries teach 20 lessons a week, so they are having us practice teaching the entire Restoration in 20 minutes. :) So we had our first practice lessons! It went really well! We received a lot of pointers, so hopefully, the more we practice, the better we will get at teaching. :) Members are the best. 

Friday was pretty normal. Studies, Weekly planning, DLC, Temple Tours, then we were invited to go to a fireside where John Bytheway spoke!! It was so so so awesome! :D He's great. He talked a lot about Pressing Forward. Something he said really stood out to me. He said, "When you look at Lehi's dream, what is the great and spacious building built upon? Nothing! It's floating in the air! What are we told to build upon in Helaman 5? The rock of our redeemer. If we build upon the principles and standards of the world, we will eventually fall, and great will be our fall. But if we build on the foundation of Christ, the devil can have no power over us." It was super cool. Also, when we were wondering a little bit why we needed to be there, I started talking to someone I knew from Newport, and they asked what ward I was in, then they asked us to go and visit their inactive friend who happened to live in our ward boundaries! Such a miracle. 

Saturday we did the Harvest Pack! Such a cool experience. It was an all day service project, where we packed meals for people who don't have enough to eat. We packed over 200,000 meals in about 8 hours. It was such a fun experience. Also, Kevin came, and stayed for 6 hours! We had such a good time, and it felt so good to be helping. I love service. :) It was also inter-faith, so we were able to interact with a lot of people of other religions. 

Yesterday, we sang in church! Then after church, we were introduced to a girl, that is friends with one of the priests in our ward! The Elders taught her once, but then both of them got transferred out of the ward. We asked if she would be interested in being taught again, and she said yes! So we will be meeting with her this week. :) We also picked up two solid potential investigators last night. We are so excited to see them progress. :) 

I love you all! Thank you for your love and support! This week I say goodbye to my teenagerness. (Not a word, I know) I look forward to the maturity that comes from being in my 20'
s! :D Just kidding, I don't think it will feel much different. :) 

Have an awesome week! 

Love, Sister Wood :D 

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