Sunday, November 29, 2015

So, I know I talk about this a lot, but the weather is seriously so weird. I can't get used to it. I keep expecting to wake up to snow on the ground, but that doesn't happen in California. Also, everyone is talking about something called El Nino, which is this humongous storm that is supposed to come and hit California. I love the rain and I am crossing my fingers that it happens, cause that would be awesome. Also, California needs the rain, so added bonus. 

There are so many awesome things that happened this week! Seriously, so many miracles. I have learned a lot this week about God's timing. Seriously though, it's nuts. He just puts people in our path when we need them to be there. We have met some amazing people this week. We have had so many experiences where we would go somewhere, and it wouldn't work out, we'd try all of our back up plans, and nothing would be working out, so we would go somewhere that we felt prompted to go, and bam! Someone who needed us right at that moment. It's amazing what the Lord will do with us when we surrender ourselves over to him. 

I love this gospel so much. I love teaching people about it. We were able to have an awesome lesson with one of our investigators about the Book of Mormon. We took one of the new members of our ward with us, and it was amazing. The member bore such a strong testimony and was able to relate so much to our investigator. We knew that it had been inspired that we had taken that specific person with us to teach that lesson. When we asked her how she felt when we read from the Book of Mormon, she talked about how peaceful and happy she felt. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels when you realize that someone is feeling the Spirit because of something that Heavenly Father let you bring into their lives. I know that we as missionaries couldn't do what we do with out the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Without him there to testify and be a witness to the people you are teaching, there would be no point in trying to teach. But with the Holy Ghost, we can do anything, and he can touch the hearts of so many people. 

Last Sunday, the teacher of the Gospel Principles class said he was sick and wouldn't be able to teach the lesson. He asked if we could teach it. We didn't have the book, but we thought we should be able to wing it. We get to the class, and we find out that we will be teaching... The Law of Chastity. I was kind of dreading it. Our newest member, (who had just been baptized the day before) walked in and someone said, "Guess what the lesson is?" He responded, totally kidding, "The Law of Chastity!" We all died laughing, and then he said, "Wait is it really the Law of Chastity?" When we nodded, "I've heard this lesson four times in the past month!"Oh man, it was so funny. 

We also had the opportunity to see the Churches Christmas initiative video. (Like the Because he lives video in Easter) It is so good. My whole mission was sitting in the chapel and we watched the video probably four times. The spirit in that room was so, so  strong. I can't wait for you all to see it. (It comes out on November 29th) It is so good. I'm excited to start using it to find people and help people "Discover why" I am so stoked!!!! It's going to be amazing! 

Dang! I don't have anymore time, but I am so happy to be out here serving a mission. I have a testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves us so much. I love this gospel and I am grateful to be able to devote this year and a half of my life to him and his work. It is amazing to see Heavenly Father's hand in my life. I love you all so much. I have a challenge! This challenge will take a while, but for a whole year, I want you to write down one thing you are grateful for every single day. I will be doing this as well. Starting today. Put that thing in a jar, box, whatever will hold 365 (366, because of leap year :) ) pieces of paper, and next year go through and read all of the things you were grateful for. I am so excited! I promise that if you take this challenge, you will have an increased capacity to see Heavenly Father's influence in your life. 

I love you all!!! 
Love, Sister Wood :) 

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