Monday, November 16, 2015

Yokwe and Aloha Everyone!!

It is so beautiful in California, but I have to say that I am missing the snow. It's a super big trial to have to go out in 72 degree weather all the time... Just kidding. :) It's beautiful here. It's super weird that it's the middle of November and it's still so warm. I get cold a lot, but my companion and the other missionaries say that it's nice. I'll be cold in the middle of the day and people say to me, "Why are you cold? You're from Utah!" Yes, I am from Utah, but what people don't understand is that I was cold in Utah too...  :) I was on exchanges with a Sister from Samoa, and she was wearing this huge winter coat, and I had a blanket wrapped around me, (we were sitting at the temple tour tent) and we got the weirdest looks. It was so funny! 

The craziest thing happened last Monday. We had a dinner appointment at a members house, which happens quite often. (We have dinner with members almost every day) So we went over and were having a lovely meal. She was telling us about her life, she grew up in Uruguay, came to the US for school, married the mission president's nephew from Uruguay, then they moved to California. (She's like 84) I had a feeling that I should talk about my grandma from France. So I started talking about how my grandma had been born in France, moved to Argentina, then eventually went to Canada. When I paused for a minute, Sister Williams stopped me, and said, "That sounds just like this missionary who knocked on my door, her name was Sister Argault, she lived in France and Argentina as well." My grandmothers maiden name was Argault, and I was sitting there like, there is no way that this is really happening. So I was like, was the missionaries name Eddie? And Sister Williams gets this big smile on her face and said, "Yes! Eddie Argault! She was the first missionary that ever knocked on my door. She was the first person who taught me about the gospel. There were not many Mormons in Uruguay at that time, so I had never heard of the church before she came to my door." I was a little bit stunned, and I said that Eddie Argault was my great aunt. She is my grandmothers sister, and I had known her my whole life. It was AMAZING! We had this awesome conversation about Aunt Eddie and my Uncle Arturo. What are the odds that we happened to meet this lady? It was so wonderful. It also helped me with my testimony of planting seeds. Because this sister didn't get baptized until almost two years later, but my Aunt planted the first seed. 

We were looking at the area book last night, looking at former investigators and potential investigators. We were reading why some of the former investigators were dropped, and the missionaries before us had an amazing sense of humor. One of them was about an investigator named Joshua, and the reason he was dropped was "Did not fit the battle of Jericho." My personal favorite was "Was less interested in the gospel than Joseph was in Potipher's wife." We had some pretty good laughs. 

Being a missionary is amazing. Thank you for all your love and support! 
Love, Sister Wood :) 

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