Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So, It's that time again. Transfers. They just sent out a decree? proclamation? something that says that transfer meetings are no longer allowed. So rather than the suspense of waiting until Tuesday after noon to find out where we are going, we will just be told on the phone when we are told whether or not we're being transferred. Not as fun, but apparently much more effective. So, we'll see how that goes. I'm excited to see what's going to happen. The past three transfers, I've been pretty sure of what was going to happen. Now, I have no clue. It's so exciting!!! 

This week was actually pretty normal, plus, I'm running super low on time, so this will not be very long. 

We had a worldwide missionary broadcast!!! It was so great! We were able to watch some trainings by apostles and seventies/general auxileries, as well as hear from some of the apostles. It was so cool. It was also amazing because all the missionaries in the world were watching it at the same time! (Except those who were sleeping. They watched it the morning after.) It was so good. 

We picked up another investigator! Her name is Jne. She's really cool, and we had the perfect opportunity to invite her to be baptized, and we both totally dropped the ball. It was so sad. Seriously, the moment was there, the Spirit was so strong, and we both felt like we should invite her, but it didn't end up happening. Luckily, the Atonement is there, and we can try again. I am excited to be able to teach her. 

We have been getting referrals from Salt Lake like crazy! Seriously, right now we have 9, and we have gotten a total of 18 in the past month. It's been crazy. Good, but crazy. 

We are working a lot with Less-Actives lately. We are actually having dinner with one tonight, which will be awesome! We are helping one of our other LA quit smoking with the LDS stop smoking thing.  That is a really cool story that I will have to tell later. 

It was a great week, and I love being here in South Coast! It's amazing!!! 

I love you all!
Love, Sister Wood :) 

Picture 1) I can totally still do a handstand! That was an awesome realization! So I was doing gymnastic things with the Bishops daughters, and their brother took a picture. 


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