Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We are here at the END of ANOTHER transfer. Can you believe that? Nope? Me neither. It's weird. REALLY weird how time works on the mission. I have just now decided to veto transfers. We'll just have a free for all on missionary work! Just kidding, I know that wouldn't work, but still. It would be kind of nice. Ah well, c'est la vie. I'll keep you updated on what's happening, cause we find out on Saturday. People seem to think that I'll be leaving, so we'll see. I would be really sad to leave Marblehead, and Sister Phinney. But, I will go where the Lord needs me. 

This week was great! Quick overview! 

Monday: P-day! We all got to go to Deseret Book! (We being Sister Phinney, me, Sister Dinning, and Sister Corpuz.) It was so so much fun! It's outside of the mission, and we got a little bit lost, but we made it and are alive! We had dinner at the Jones' house, who feed us at least once every two weeks. They are the best! 

Tuesday: We had an awesome District Meeting. I have four district leaders, so it's always kind of interesting. But it's always fun and spiritual as well. We went to Mission Viejo so I could practice my song for MLC, and had correlation with Brother Bingham.

Wednesday: We taught Bob!!! We took our ward High Priest group leader with us! It was perfect! They totally hit it off, and the lesson just flowed. He wants to come to church, but decided to wait til his lady is back from a trip. So we will hopefully be seeing our new investigator at church next Sunday! :) It was so so so cool. I am so grateful for the miracle that came from that. He's great. 

Thursday: I sang at MLC, which was great, then we went tracting! Ever since Bob, I have had a testimony of tracting. No one was interested, but we had a good time, and were able to give out a few Book of Mormons. :) I love tracting/ contacting with Sister Phinney. We just have a good time together. We had dinner at a member's house, and one of the Elders former investigators was there, and asked if she could be re-taught the lessons, because she wants to be baptized! Even cooler, was that her dad has also given his permission, and wants her younger brother to start going with her to church! That was a super cool miracle. 

Friday: We had Sister District Meeting. It was super fun. We also were told that our District was having a blitz in one of the Elders areas, 5 minutes before it started, if we wanted to join. Thanks Elders. But it was good! We were second guessing ourselves the whole time we were driving there, because we were going to the temple that night as well. We were only going to have 15 minutes of missionary work time before we would have to leave. We kept asking if we should just turn around and leave, but wounds up staying our course. I am so glad that we did. In 15 minutes, we were able to tract a cul-de-sac, and every single door opened to us. We had 8 contacts, handed out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon, and one person said that they would go to the temple music devotional. Then we had to leave. But it was so crazy amazing!!! I know that because we had faith, and wanted to support our district, we were blessed to see miracles. It was so cool. Then we were able to go and do a session at the Newport Beach Temple with a returning less-active in our ward. It was so so so amazing. 

Saturday: was full of service. We went at 8 am to a park, and helped spread woodchips in the playground. Our whole zone was there, and it was lots of fun. One of my district leaders is convinced that I'm getting transferred, and told me he would miss me when I left. We'll have to see...  We then went to Stella's and went to Costco with her. We had dinner with the Jones' family again, and they made all of Sister Phinney's favorite foods. It was super fun! They fed us twice this week because transfers are coming up, and they wanted us over as many times as they could before then. Hopefully their worry is for nothing. :) We also went and had a lesson with a LA that we've been working with the entire time I've been in Marblehead. I love her lots, and will hopefully be able to go to the temple with her sometime. It was a phenomenal day. 

Sunday: Good and busy. I love this ward. So so so much. So many good people. And so many people who love us. I am so grateful for them, and so blessed to work with them. We just had a good day. We went to the Temple music night, saw some people, enjoyed the music, and walked the temple grounds & gave a tour. 

It was such a GOOD week. I am so grateful for all the times that I was able to see Heavenly Father's hand in my day. He's watching over each of us. I am so grateful for him. We recently have been talking a lot about God's love. If you have a chance, check out John 3:16 & 17, and the song "He Sent His Son" in the Primary Songbook. It's so good. My invitation to you guys is to pray and to ask Heavenly Father to help you see yourself as he sees you. I promise that he will help you get a glimpse of how much he loves you. 

Thank you for all that you do! Keep up the good work! I love you all! 
Love, Sister Wood :) 




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