Wednesday, March 16, 2016

his week was kind of slow. But that's okay, sometimes that just happens. 

We had some rough days, but we also had some awesome experiences! Adele canceled her appointment, and didn't come to church, so we have to postpone her baptism, but we still have hope for her! We were able to see her and talk to her, and she explained that she had had some problems in her house, and so we will hopefully be able to teach her again this week. :) Her fellowshippers are the recent converts in our ward of almost four months, so that's awesome. 

We got a new investigator this week! Her name is Lele, and she's from Hong Kong. She recently lost her husband. (Like 3 months ago.) She has been coming to the Liberty Park ward for almost two months, but there haven't been Sisters in the ward until now, so we were able to share a lesson with her. She was most interested in the Plan of Salvation and being able to see her husband again. It was very tender, and a very sweet experience. The Spirit was so strong as we were able to testify to her that families can be together forever. 

We walked in the Mormon Battalion! Well kind of. There was a parade in San Juan Capistrano, and we were able to dress like pioneers! It was super fun, and now I'm sunburned from it. :) But it was so worth it. I love parades! 

We go tracting quite a bit, and we accidentally tracted into two less active families. One of them happened to be the one woman on the entire relief society list that the president told us not to visit. But it turned out well, cause she was really nice to us, and let us in. We didn't even realize she was less-active until we got back to the car and looked at our ward list... So that was an exciting conversation with the RS President. "Hey, remember the ONE lady you told us not to go see? Yeah, so we stopped by her house!" She took it well though, and the LA lady let us share a message, so it all worked out. I think Heavenly Father was guiding us there though, because usually before we tract, we see what members live near there. This was the only time that we didn't do that. 

Also, funny story! We went to dinner the other night, and after getting into the car after I backed Sister Wolterman, we were driving down the road, when I realized that I only had one shoe in the car. (I did notice that my shoe had fallen off before this time, but I thought it had come off and fallen into the car. We were about two minutes out when I realized it wasn't in the car.) So I said, "Sister Wolterman, I only have one shoe..." And she was like, "What?" So we had to go back, and lo and behold, there was my shoe, sitting in the middle of the parking lot. This adventure made us late to Ward Correlation, so now Sister Wolterman and the Elders have taken to calling me Cinderella... :) It was pretty funny after the fact.

I'm out of time, so I'll stop there, but I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Love, Sister Wood :) 

1) You're favorite Modern-day pioneer. :) 


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