Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This week was awesome!! I love Easter! Also, Sister Phinney is an awesome missionary. She is super happy, and always so willing to work. She is such an awesome example to me, and I'm so grateful to be with her. Seriously, this girl from a tiny town in Canada is rocking San Clemente.
Some highlights of this week!
We got to see Sonia! I think I've talked about her, but I can't remember. She is a Brazilian LA in Marblehead. She is super friendly. It's really cool to see her progress. She reads the Book of Mormon everyday, and says she prays all day. She doesn't come to church because she goes and helps her daughters with their kids. Anyways, she's super nice, and will hopefully come to church soon, especially since we found a man in our ward who can translate for her.
We went over the entire ward list with one of the members of the Bishopric, and found out that there are over 15 part member families in our ward. When I asked about them, he said that he didn't think anyone had ever talked about them or contacted them. And I was all like, wait, what? How is that possible? So we will be working on that for the next little while. I'm super excited, cause it gave us such an amazing place to start from. :)
So one of the ways we have been teaching lessons for the past little while is through sharing our talents, namely I have been singing for people. It is simultaneously the most nerve-wracking  and awesome experience that I have ever had. Why is it so awesome? Because the spirit that I feel, and that I hope others feel when I'm singing is so amazing. I always knew that music brought the Spirit, but it is so cool to just feel it come into the room. That's actually how we first contacted Adele. We stopped to talk to her, and she said she'd been to our church before, and that she liked the music. I asked if I could sing one of our songs for her. So I sang I am a Child of God. It was a really cool experience. The one's I sing most often are ironically not in the hymnbook. I usually sing Amazing Grace or Come Thou Fount. That's been a cool thing.

We got a new investigator! I know last week I talked about the referral we got from a member of our ward. So we taught her the Restoration, and I gave her a Book of Mormon with my testimony written inside. She is only 13, but is super open, and has a lot of super great questions. She said she would pray about our message and the Book of Mormon, and start reading it. The Spirit that I feel every time I testify of the Restored gospel is so amazing. I love testifying of truth, because every time I do, I feel again that what I'm saying is true. This was such an amazing miracle that Heavenly Father gave us. I am always in awe of the trust that he puts in us as missionaries.  I am so excited to see her again.
We were able to go see the Women's Broadcast on Saturday! So good. So many amazing lessons and things that I learned from it. I'm almost out of time, so I'll share more next week.
Easter was amazing!! I loved it! The weather was perfect, and we had dinner with an awesome family! Also, everything that was shared in Church was so uplifting, and so full of hope. I love the message of Easter, because it brings us so much joy, hope and peace. How amazing is it that we have this in our lives?? I am grateful that I get to share this with others.
Thank you all! I love you lots!

Love, Sister Wood :)
1) Sister Phinney and I :D
2) We go and do service for a 91 year old woman, and she insists on driving. It's a teensy bit terrifying, but we haven't died yet... :)



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