Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I think I might just put Miracles as my subject line for all of my emails, because every week is so full of miracles. I cannot tell you. This week was so amazing.

So this was our first week covering three wards! Super fun! Kind of hard, but we're getting used to it. :) On Tuesday, we had an amazing district meeting. Seriously so good. We talked a lot about Christlike attributes. Mine for this transfer has been Hope, and I know that it was inspired, because of everything that has happened. After district meeting, we went and had a window and were able to talk to a lot of people. We saw this one older gentleman talking on the phone, and Sister Wolterman looked at me and said, "We NEED to talk to him" and I was like "okay" so we started walking towards him, but he started walking away!! But did we let that deter us? No! We started walking faster, trying to catch up with him, up this hill. I think he might have seen us or something, because it seemed like he was walking faster too. So, we start running, literally running in our skirts and flats, to catch up to this man, but we are doing it as quietly as possible so as not to attract his attention, so we can nonchalantly walk up and start talking to him. I think we probably looked ridiculous, but we needed to talk up to him! So, we finally caught up to him, trying not to breathe super heavy, and introduced ourselves. We had just barely started talking to him, when he goes, "I can't talk, I'm not interested, and please leave me alone." I was shocked! We had just expended so much effort trying to talk to him! And he couldn't even listen to us! As we were walking away, Sister Wolterman said, "Well, I guess Heavenly Father just needed to see if he could trust us." I hope I showed him that I was. We laughed about it for a while after that. I also would have liked to have been one of the people who saw us. Imagine, two Sister missionaries, quietly talking, then walking determinedly toward an unsuspecting gentleman. Seeing that the gentleman was slowly drifting further and further from their reach, they begin to run, skirts and hair, flowing in the wind, racing to spread the gospel. When they reach him, they beam in anticipation of helping another Child of God. See their faces fall in discouragement as he ruthlessly rejects them. One comforts the other, and they go on their merry way, seeking for their next victim... I mean opportunity.  :) I think I'm really funny.

Sorry this email is going to be so long!

After all that went down, we went and met with some people in our new wards. Then we stopped by this lady who we talked to right before our three hour tracting spree last week. She had been really nice, and I had sung "I am a Child of God" for her. She said she would come to church, but she didn't show last week. We went and we had been trying to stop by her house a few times, but she had never been home. When we stopped by this time, she answered the door!! We were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation, and she accepted to be baptized on March 19th!!!! WHAT???? It was crazy awesome, and the Spirit was so strong! To add to that, she had been to church before, and she came yesterday!!!!!!!! It was so amazing!! We have a return appointment for Tuesday, and we are so excited to keep teaching her. She also has a nine-year-old son. Her name is Adele.

Later that day, as if we hadn't already experienced enough miracles, we went and visited a less-active in Marblehead. We had been seeing her pretty consistently, but this time we brought a brother in our ward who speaks Portuguese. (She's from Brazil, and doesn't speak English very well. I can get by talking to her in Spanish, but it's hard.) She was given a blessing in Portuguese, and we were able to find out so much about her, because we suddenly didn't have a language barrier! She came to a dessert night at our Bishop's house yesterday! We couldn't believe that she was willing to come with us. It was so amazing.

On Wednesday, we went and we were able to help the Young Women in the Liberty Park ward get certified for girls camp! I love and miss the Young Women. It was so fun to be able to talk and work with them. They are such a cute group of girls. We spent a lot of time doing stop-bys and getting to know people in our new wards. It was lots of fun.

Thursday we tried to stop by a lot of people in the Cristianitos ward. Literally no one was home. We stopped by this one house, and we knocked, and we heard a window open, and a little girl saying hello. So I stepped of the porch to talk to her, when I saw the window slam. I had the impression that she didn't want to talk to us. So we got in our car which was parked across the street, and were trying to figure out where to go. I also had to contact some people, so we were sitting there for about 5 minutes. After we were ready to go, I looked back up at the house, and the little girl was holding up a sign that said, "GO AWAY! My dad isn't home, and I don't want to talk to you!" So we left. We probably won't stop by that house in the near future... It was pretty funny after the fact. I was feeling a little bit discouraged, but we kept stopping by people's houses. Finally, at our very last house that we had on the list, a man opened the door. He looked at us, and said, "Sisters!!!" He was so excited to see us, and it just made my day so much better. He comforted me, even though he didn't know he was. He told us what a great job we were doing, and how grateful he was for us. I know that we saw him for a reason. I really needed that boost.

Friday was amazing!! We were able to go and do initiatory and a session at the temple. It was so wonderful to be able to go. I love the temple. We stopped by and saw some Less-actives, and we felt impressed to stop by one more before we had to go home. As we were walking up to her apartment, Sister Wolterman started talking to a woman who was sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette. We had a good conversation with her, and we found out that she was looking for a church to join! One of her friends had suggested that she look into the Mormon church. What are the odds that we randomly show up right then? She accepted to come to church, (She didn't end up coming, but we have hope that she will.) We also found out that she was living with the less-active who we had been going to see. It was amazing!

In Proverbs, there is a scripture that says,

5 ¶Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

I have never felt the truth of this scripture as I have this week. I know it to be true. We would not have been where we were, or met the people we did without the guiding hand of the Lord. I know that he is watching over us, and is willing to guide us and help us if only we ask for it. I know that I can't be a missionary without looking to him and asking for his help. He is always there, waiting. I love this gospel, and I love being able to share it every day. I look forward to and am grateful for every single day that I have.

I love you all!! Thank you for your love and support! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Wood :) 

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