Monday, April 25, 2016

Well, this week was great! Kind of crazy, but great nonetheless. :D

Hermana Garcia is going home! D: No!!! Well, she doesn't go home til June, but still... I was able to go to her departing dinner on Tuesday. So good! So many tears... But so good. I love her lots, and will miss her so much. But she's here still! So that's always good news. We had a good time. She also hurt her foot, so she's wearing a boot, which is kind of funny. We had her departing dinner now because President is being released in June, (and going home to Orem!! So I can see them after the mish!) and they have to do some stuff to their house before President Clark gets here. So we had it a transfer early. 

I went on an exchange with Sister Weston! We had a thing called zone 24's, where everyone in the zone gets exchanged with someone else in the zone for 24 hours. It was amazing!!! First, we slept on the floor at some others Sisters apartment, because hers was getting fumigated. That was fun though. Then we went and saw so many miracles. It was so evident that Heavenly Father was guiding us to where we needed to be. We had a few set appointments, but they all fell through, so we stopped by a potential investigator's and she was super receptive! But we wouldn't have been there if we had gone to the set appointments. Then we tried to visit less-actives, but not a single person was home. We stopped by their house to see if it was done, and while there, Sister Weston grabbed a prepared Book of Mormon. (One that has the questions of the soul marked, and has a testimony in it.) She didn't know why at the time, but felt prompted to grab it. After trying a few more less-actives, I looked at Sister Weston and said, "I think Heavenly Father is trying to tell us that we need to go tracting." So we went tracting for two hours! While doing that, we got four new potential investigators! But the coolest part happened at the very end of the two hours, before we had to go to dinner. 

We were walking down this hill, when this bus pulls up beside us, and this old man gets out. My first thought was that we needed to talk to the old man. But, as we walked towards him, we passed the bus driver who had helped him off the bus. When we passed him, he asked us if we wanted a ride down the big hill we were walking on. We politely declined, then continued walking, because the old man was going into his house. As we took a few steps away, I felt a distinct prompting to go and to share a Book of Mormon with the bus driver. So I turned around and asked him if we could share something with him. He said yes, and turned off his bus. We talked with him for a while, and after a minute he said, "I think I was supposed to meet you. You see, I never take this route. Usually, I drop this man off in the middle of my route, but today, for the first time, I changed my route, so he would be last." The Spirit in that moment was so strong. Suddenly, we knew why all our lessons had fallen through, and why no one had been home. It was because we had needed to meet this man, at that exact time, that exact place. (His name is Rafael by the way.) Sister Weston asked if we could share a scripture with him, and takes the one he has in his hands to look it up. She then reaches down and grabs the prepared one, (that she had grabbed from her apartment like 2 hours before) and switches them. She gave him that one instead. We shared with him some of the Restoration, and talked about Helaman 5:12. It was so cool! Such an amazing experience. They are going to meet up with Rafael this week during his lunch break and teach him more. 

That was the super highlight of my week, in case you can't tell by how long it was. :) We had Sister District meeting, which was super fun. I learned a lot. :) 

Thursday, we were out til 12:20, because Gladys Knight came and performed in Irvine with her choir! It was so awesome, and we were able to take some people from our ward who were less-active. The ratio of Members to Non-members at the performance was 1 to 1. It was an awesome experience. :D 

Saturday we went and did service, and had a District Blitz! I have a problem of tracting into Members homes... We tracted into a part-member family, and were able to teach the non-member husband about the Book of Mormon though, so that was awesome! After the Blitz, we went and helped set up for the Stake Relief Society Dinner, that Sister Clayton, who's husband is in the First Quorum of the 70 was speaking at. It was all wonderful. Sister Clayton is amazing, and shared an amazing talk about becoming women of faith. Super fun! During the meeting, we get a text from the Elders, saying that one of the LA's in our ward, who we haven't been able to see for a month wanted to meet with us that night! So we were able to go and have a lesson with her, the Elders and the WML. Such a cool lesson. She wants to work towards the temple, so she can do the work for her daughter who passed away. 

Yesterday was crazy! I was with Sister Corpuz all day in all three wards again. I had forgotten how nuts it was to cover the three of them. It was fun to be back though. Lots of people came up to say hi. We were able to attend a man's baptism, who had requested to have his records removed years ago. He had been working with the Elders, and finally decided to be re-baptized. It was an amazing experience, and a huge blessing to be there. We had a few dinners, then went home to our companions! 

It was an awesome week! Transfer calls are this week, so I will let you know what's happening! I wouldn't be surprised if I stayed here with Sister Phinney for another transfer, but you never know. 

Also, Lele is getting baptized on FRIDAY! I'm so excited! It's going to be amazing! 

I love you all! 
Love, Sister Wood :) 

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