Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dear everyone,
Hello! This week has been super weird, but good. :)
Started off pretty normal, service and stuff, which is always fun. Tangent: I love service so much! I never appreciated the opportunity to go out and help the community  more than I have on my mission. I'm so grateful that we can help people temporally as well as spiritually, and we get to do it 24/7! When else do you have that opportunity? I feel blessed that we can do this everyday. I love doing service.
So yeah. :) We went on exchanges!!! :D I went with Sister Graham in the Westpark and Woodbridge 1st wards. :) It was super fun! We got to go and tie quilts at a service project. (Refer to paragraph one if you want to know my feelings on that. :) ) It was super fun. We were able to see some less-actives in their ward, and go contacting for a little bit. We had dinner with one of the Senior missionaries in our mission, which was super fun. :) We love her. After dinner, we went and did MORE SERVICE!! It was AMAZING!  :D I love exchanges, and service.
Thursday we had zone conference with Elder Hamula! So good. So awesome. So many amazing things that we learned. I loved every minute of it. We all got to go and shake his hand, and then we just sat and learned from him, his wife, and President and Sister Clark.
Some things I learned,
Don't get stuck in a rut of what you are used to doing. Let the Spirit guide you in lessons, contacts, during studies, always.
The Lord has given us a pattern in all things, when we follow the Lord's pattern, we will find not only success, but joy as well.
To repent means to turn. When we sin, we are making a  choice to turn away from God. When we make the choice to repent, we are turning back to him.
Quote from Elder Hamula: "One of your challenges as young latter-day saints with a lot of energy, is your tendency towards impatience. You must be patient with others, sometimes more importantly, you must be patient with yourself."
Super good. :)
We were able to teach a 20 minute discussion of the restoration with a woman in our ward, and it was super good. I love teaching the restoration. Having to do it quickly helps us to simplify, and make sure we're focusing on the most important thing.
Due to a set of unusual circumstances, we attended zone conference the next day too. It was just as good as the first one.
We had MLC with Elder Hamula as well, the day after the zone conferences ended. It was great! He helped us to understand that we are a good mission. We are doing a lot of good things, but it's time to take that to the next level of good. To take it from good to great. He told us that we need to laser in our focus, and make sure that we utilize everything we learned at zone conference. It was super neat. We had temple tours later that day, and I got to see Sister Hardin! (MTC comp. :) ) She came and sat with us for about an hour and just talked with us. It was so good. I love that girl.
On Sunday we had stake conference with.... Elder Hamula! I've seen him everyday for the past 4 days. I'm definitely not complaining though. It's been amazing. It was an awesome stake conference.
That's about all! It was a super uplifting week, and I look forward to the miracles that come from it. My thought today comes from John 14:18,
I think it is so amazing that no matter where we are, whether we're super far off the path, or right in the middle of it, Jesus Christ will come to us. He will never leave us alone, never abandon us. Whatever our trials, he is walking with us, matching our every step. I know that no matter what, he will always be there.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and love. I am so grateful for all of you.
Love, Sister Wood :)

1) We thought this car was super funny. :)
2) Exchanges with Sister Graham!
3) The moon was super pretty at temple tours. :D




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