Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween everybody!!
Our Halloween is kinda boring, cause we all have to be inside by 7pm. :) So we'll finish P-day, go to dinner, then go play sports as a zone. Should be fun. :) Kevin made us come by this afternoon, so we could trick or treat at at least one house. :) He gave us candy and stuff. :) He's funny.
Last Monday we taught Kevin, and showed him the talk, "Fourth Floor, Last Door" by President Ucthdorf. It was super good. :) The Elders came with us, to see if they could help us clear up some of his concerns, and they wound up giving him a priesthood blessing. It was very sweet, and I really hope that Kevin will open his heart to it. :)
I forgot that we have to find time to do the 12 week training program for new missionaries, so it's been kind of an adventure making sure that we get it done.... : D
On Tuesday, Sister Peacock had a dinner with all the other new missionaries, and I went on splits with one of our ward missionaries! It was awesome. :) We went to Book of Mormon class, and I went to dinner with another set of Sister Missionaries. We had a good time.
Wednesday, we met with a man in our ward and the Elders to talk about some people in our ward who might need our help. After we were done talking, they asked if we would teach the Restoration to him and his wife, with them posing as non-members. (Our stake is pushing the missionaries in each ward to get 20 lessons a week, so members can sign up to have us come teach a 20 minute Restoration discussion.) So it was a little bit of a surprise. It was kind of cool actually, because that morning during our 12 week study, we had practiced teaching the Restoration in a minute or less! When you are prepared, Heavenly Father definitely helps you.
We were contacting, and we met some really interesting people. One is named Miriam! She is a very sweet lady, who we sang to in a park. She said she comes to the park every Monday and Wednesday, at 5:30, and that she would love to talk to us more! So we hopefully will be able to teach her. :) We had dinner at a new family in our ward's house, the Fry family, and they just moved here from Orem! I found out that they lived just down the street on Paradise Dr. from one of my really good friends. :) That was pretty funny. Random connections!
Thursday was really good. :) We did service at 2nd Harvest, and went on splits so that we could go see Sister Romano, and help with the Korean English class. Good times all around.
Friday was crazy. Crazy things happened.
Saturday we got to go do temple tours!!! It was way fun. :) While we were there, a recent convert came up to us and talked with us for a few hours. It was super awesome. :) We had the stake trunk or treat, where we got to be judges for who decorated their trunk the best. My personal favorite was the Pokemon Go trunk. :)
Kevin came to church yesterday, and it was great! I'm so grateful for him, and his desire to come to church, and to continue learning more.
That's about it! I love ya'll lots. :)

Isn't it amazing that we are truly children of God? We each have the genetic disposition to become like Him. I am so grateful for that. I know that we each truly have the potential to become like Him. I love you all! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Wood :)
1) Service!
2) Trunk or treat with the stake!
3) Sister Peacock used to work at Coldstone, so I found one for us to go to. :)




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