Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oh my goodness. Miracles are happening here in California. : ) It's been an amazing week. Simply wonderful.
Monday was good, the usual stuff. Sister Dinning got to have dinner with one of her favorite families, then we went and said goodbye to Kevin... :( It was kind of sad, but she'll be okay. Plus we will continue teaching him, and all will be well. :)
Tuesday was crazy. So much that we had to do. We packed and cleaned and visited people, and tried to do some contacting when we had the time. We had lunch with someone from one of our previous wards, ( we both started our mission is South Coast. ) which was awesome! After all that, we went to the stake center to attend transfers. I cannot tell you how nervous I was to go and get a new companion. I was super nervous. My heart was beating fast, and oh my goodness, my mind was running in every direction. I am also the only Sister that is training without a co-trainer, so that was nerve wracking as well. We sat down and waited for them to bring in all of the new missionaries. Then we stood and sang 'Called to Serve' as they walked in. I was conducting the music, so I got to see all of them as they sat down. It was so crazy. So the AP's said a few things, then started to announce who would be trained by who. I will be training..... *drum roll please* Sister Peacock!!!!! :D I know that means nothing to you guys, but she is so awesome. :) She was really tired, but super happy to be in California. :) I'm so so so so so excited to get to know her better and to work with her. We had dinner and Book of Mormon class, so she got to meet some of the members of the ward. It was great. :) We are going to see so many miracles together!!

The next few days were great! On Thursday, we saw Susan, and we talked to her for a little bit, and after listening to what was going on in her life, I told her about the Book of Mormon, and the peace that it brought into my life. How it helped me feel closer to God, and how I knew that it would bless the life of anyone who read it. She asked if she could borrow it, and I told her that she could keep it. :) I wrote my testimony in the front cover and gave it to her. It was a very sweet experience. I am grateful that I can be a help in her life.

 We went to the mission home to talk to Sister Clark for a little bit, which was really good. She told us when we were done, to go and find a miracle on Roosevelt, which is a street in our area. So I drove straight from the mission home to Roosevelt, and turned into an apartment complex that I have never been in before. I asked Sister Peacock which way she wanted to go, and off we went. So we started knocking doors. We first talked to a Persian man, who didn't speak much English, and gave him a Book of Mormon. At the next door we spoke with a woman from Afghanistan, who wasn't interested either. The third door we knocked on was on the second floor of a building, and this young woman opened the door. Her name is Arianna.
We introduced ourselves, and asked if we could share a message with her about Jesus Christ, and she asked how long it would take. We told her that it didn't have to be long, and she let us in!!!! :D So we went inside, and we were able to teach her the Restoration. At the end of the lesson, I asked Arianna if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized, and she said yes!!! We set the date of November 20th!! :) It was a miracle. Oh my goodness. So amazing. I am so grateful.
We had a ward chili cook-off, which was awesome and fun. :) We saw some other people, and were able to teach some more lessons. :)
Sister Peacock is so amazing. She is just picking things up so fast, and is such an amazing missionary, and she hasn't even been in the field for a week! She also has an enormous amount of faith, which is absolutely one of the reasons why we have been seeing so many miracles. I have so much that I can learn from her. I am so excited to see what happens. :)
Yesterday our car decided it wanted to break the Word of Wisdom and started smoking. Something broke, and it was shooting oil all over the engine, which I now know is bad. I had continued driving, thinking when we got home we would check it out, even though I know virtually nothing about cars... So we were carless for about four hours, cause they brought us one of the the old mission cars that  are no longer in use. It was sad, cause we were looking forward to walking for a day. But all is well, and we will not complain against our blessings. :)
That's about it for today! I love you all! Today's thought comes from the book of John, "In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world."

Isn't it amazing that we have a Savior who has overcome the world for us? The world offers loneliness and despair, while our Savior offers us peace and joy. I'm so grateful for Him.
I hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Wood :)
1) Sister Peacock and I have the same first initial. :)
2) We found this little guy in our car.... I named him Trevor.
3) My new companion!!! :D




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