Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 70: Bienvenida a la zona Espanol!

Hola amigos y familia!!! 

This week has been good... Lots of Spanish, and lots of lessons, where I basically had no clue what was happening, but good nonetheless.  

Someone asked me yesterday how church was, and I compared it to trying to drink out of a fire hose... cause that's kind of what it was like. :) But everyone in this ward is super friendly, and smiled at me a lot, even if I didn't quite understand what they were saying. So that was definitely a plus. 

We picked up an investigator this morning! His name is Jose, and his mom is a less-active in our ward. Last Friday during weekly planning, Hermana Laboriel wanted to call all of the people on our ward list that are in our area, and see if we could set up appointments with them, if we didn't know them. It was cool! So we set up a bunch of appointments with people where we could and we are going to go see all of them! It's going to be great. :) 

I've been practicing my Spanish a lot, and there are times when I can really feel Heavenly Father help me to understand and to speak. I've never been more convinced of the fact that the gift of tongues is real. 

We also picked up another investigator last week. His name is Henry, and he has been taught off and on for the past 30 years. We didn't know that when we went, because we were going to see his mother, who has been fairly inactive for the past few years. Then we got there, and we found out that he wasn't a member, and talked about the gospel, and found out that he wants to be baptized, but there are some big things that he needs to work through before he can. But he wants to change, and we are hoping that Heavenly Father will help us to help him. We have another appointment with him tonight. :) 

We have other investigators too, and they are super nice. Everyone has just been so friendly to me, and to us. It has been a huge blessing, because even though I struggle to communicate, I don't feel judgement, just love. That has been really nice. 

I'm doing good. I am not by any means fluent, but it has been a blessing that I can at least to some degree understand people. I also found out this week that President had no idea that I had taken any Spanish in High School, or had any grasp of any sort on the language, so that was kind of cool. :) 

I'm doing well. I have more confidence now, than I did last week. :) Hermana Laboriel is awesome, plus we have an awesome new WML, who just got called on Sunday. Funny thing is, he was in the South Coast ward when I was serving there a little over a year ago. :) So it's been cool to see them again. :D 

I'm happy, still adjusting, grateful for the opportunity. I know that this is a challenge that I can handle, as long as I rely on my Heavenly Father. Hence the quote for this week. :) 

Inline image 2

I know that I would not be asked to do this is God didn't need me here. I'm excited to work and to grow in the ways Heavenly Father needs us too. 

Thank you for all your love and support! I hope you all have an amazing week!! 

Te quiero mucho! 

Love, Sister Wood :) 

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