Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 64: Back to San Clemente!!

Hey y'all. :) 

I'm not 100% sure where I picked up the y'all thing, but I literally say it all the time. It's a little bit funny. 

This week has been completely crazy. I have never seen a chicken run around with it's head cut off, but I'm sure that we looked something like that, and I don't know if that is going to change any time in the near future. It's all good though. It's good that Heavenly Father is in charge, cause otherwise, I would probably mess everything up real good. :) 

We all got Christmas pajamas!!!! :D I don't currently have a picture, but hopefully soon. :) Our stake president got a pair for every missionary in the San Clemente zone. It's awesome. That's one tradition I did miss last year. :) 

We pretty much hit the ground running this week. We got all our stuff packed into the car after transfers, then drove straight to dinner, and from there to a weekly lesson with a less-active in our ward and his non-member girlfriend, who is investigating the church. It went really well! This week we're going to invite them to come with us to a baptism that is happening in one of my last areas, which they will hopefully come to. 

I realized that Heavenly Father has some crazy planning going on. When I was in San Clemente last time, I was on exchanges in Forester Ranch and San Clemente wards at least twice a week. So now I've been transferred here, and I already know a ton of people! Plus, I keep seeing people that I love from Marblehead, which is amazing. These wards are so amazing. So many wonderful people. We also have 3 progressing investigators already, which is also a miracle. Heavenly Father is so amazing. Something that seemed like an inconvenience at the time, is now such a huge blessing. 

We have been able to meet a lot of awesome people this week. We met 3 out of the 4 investigators, and were able to do a lot of service this week. We randomly got a call from a woman, who asked if we could go help her move, so we rounded up our district, the missionaries who serve in her area were able to go and help her. It was good. We helped one of our investigators move from one house to another, which means that she will now be keeping all of the commandments! We are hoping to set a date with her soon, because she really wants to be baptized, but she is going to be up in Northern California with her parents for the next little while. Hopefully soon though.

We got to go help the Elders teach their investigator the Restoration, which is one of my favorite things to teach. I'm so grateful for the Restoration of the church, and for all that Joseph Smith did and went through in order for it to happen. Man, every time I think about the restoration, it just amazes me. It's so wonderful to be able to share it with others. 

We have two elderly people in one of our wards that we and the Elders visit on a weekly basis. They are the sweetest people on the planet. One's name is Bud, and he is 95. He is the sweetest old man ever. He was telling us the story of how he and his wife met... I was literally almost in tears. It was so sweet. The other lady is 80. Everyone calls her Mother Perry. It's so fun. 

I love these wards so much, and it's only been a week. I know that there are people here that I need to meet, and I'm so excited to get to know them. I'm excited to see miracles and tender mercies here in San Clemente. It's going to be amazing! 

The thought today comes from John. :)

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We've been focusing a lot on the #lighttheworld initiative. I want to invite all of you to go and check it out on It's so awesome, and it invites everyone to just do little things everyday that can bring a little more light into the world. It's been amazing to do it everyday, and I'm excited to keep going. There are blessings and miracles in store. 

I love you all! Thank you for all that you do! I hope you have an amazing week! 

Love, Sister Wood :) 

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