Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 71: Milagros! aka miracles. :)

Hello everybody! 

This week has been really good. And when I say really good, I mean amazing! :) 

Haha, It's just been good. This week was really full of humbling experiences. It's kind of amazing to me how when we are humble, that is when the Lord can work miracles through us, and truly show His hand in our lives. When we are prideful, it's a lot harder for him to do that, because we aren't relying on him to help us. 

We had zone conference this week. The theme for zone conference was definitely consecration. They talked a lot about giving everything, and putting everything that you need to on the altar of sacrifice. I'm working on consecrating time every day to memorize a scripture, because nothing has more power than the word of God, and we are here to share God's word and love. 

One of our mission presidency talked about how you love what you serve. If you serve the Lord, you will come to love the Lord, if you serve the world, you will love the world. Where you put your time and energy is where your heart is. I think that's why the Lord said to treasure up things in heaven and not on earth. Because where our treasure is, our heart will be. He also talked about how if you are lacking love for your companion, or your ward, or whoever, serve them, and the love will come. It was cool. :) 

We watched Only a Stonecutter, which is only like 20 minutes long, and a phenomenal little film if you need inspiration. 

It was a wonderful meeting. I also had the opportunity to bear my testimony in Spanish. It was super nerve-wracking, but I know that Heavenly Father was there with me. It was very simple and basic, but it reminded me that the Gospel isn't always super complex, but is often simple enough for a child to understand. It was humbling, but a wonderful spirit came over me as I bore my testimony. I couldn't say much, but what I could say, I felt with my whole soul that it was true. It was a very sweet experience. 

I had another taste of what missionary work is truly about this week. There is a family in our ward who is struggling. A lot. They had a really rough experience as a family, and while there wasn't a whole lot we could do for them, we went over to their house, and we were able to offer them comfort and support. We called the Elders, and they came and gave a Priesthood blessing to the mother. Also we were able to give them some supplies that the mission was trying to get rid of, that they needed. It just reminded me of the pure love that God has for all of his children. I feel very blessed to have been an emissary of that love for that family. I may not be able to speak Spanish very well, or teach very well, but I can love people. It was a wonderful reminder.

We had an appointment with a less-active member of our ward on Saturday, but when we got there, no one was home. We were kind of surprised, and waited for a while to see if she was coming, but she never came. We walked around for a bit, trying to contact former investigators in the area. As we were doing that, we walked past a woman, and I listened for a moment and heard that she was speaking Spanish to someone on the phone. I motioned for Hermana Laboriel to wait, so we could talk to her. We talked for about 20 minutes, and we taught her about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. We soon had to leave though, and I had a feeling to ask her if she would let us come back and teach the lessons, so that I could practice my Spanish. She said that we were more than welcome, and we will be going to teach her on Tuesday! I'm grateful for the opportunities we have to follow the promptings of the Spirit. :) 

Yesterday church was good. Obispo (Bishop) invited Hermana Laboriel and I to bear our testimonies at the end of sacrament meeting. I was again reminded that I don't have to do everything perfectly. All I really need to do is try my best, follow the Spirit, and use the Atonement. When we do those things, we really can't truly fail. We were able to go to a devotional last night, where one of the less-active (now active) members I worked with in South Coast was speaking. It was wonderful to be able to go and support her. 

I love being here. I love serving a mission, and being able to serve the lord. I know this is the true church. Yo se que hay milagros todos las dias cuando buscamos por ellos. 

Thought for today!

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It's so true. I have been the happiest when I'm serving others. Like King Benjamin said, "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God."

Les quiero! I'll talk to you next week! Let me know if I can do anything for you! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Wood 

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